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Posted by on Nov 15, 2013 in Le Bot Download | 25 comments

Aqw Le Bot 3.8 How To Use

Download the File here now. And please please please fill out a short quick survey, so we can bring on more awesome downloads. Share on Facebook and Twitter also!



  1. i need some help on using the bot other than this tutorial…could you help

  2. Im sorry but i dont know how they coded it got it from a friend and i just
    started using it from there.

  3. username not found

  4. thisI love how you hear stuff in the backround and I’m one of the only
    people who liked

  5. actually my name is aqwteambb not aqw team

  6. same thing (and your skype name i couldnt find it)

  7. use le bot 4.0 (searh on google). the bot manager works on le bot 4.0, u
    can use skill accordingly.

  8. try holding fn then clicking it :P if u dont hav the button FN to the left
    of the space bar then i cant help u

  9. when i try to get boosts it says “you need at least 1 free bank space”
    please help

  10. Mighty all you have to do is get some things removed from your bank and put
    them in ur inv and then try do it

  11. Blair all you have to do is push f3 an get what boost you want and put 10
    then click ok and then the boosts should come up on your screen and just
    keep repeating that

  12. All it does is logging me out each time I try.

  13. thanks

  14. how do i open the boost option

  15. how u open boosts

  16. Guys to open the boost option push f3 its aqwteambb by the way

  17. can i download on mac cpu?

  18. yes im sure u can

  19. treasure chest pick up that working??

  20. I will upload a new and updated video about le bot soon and i am also
    selling a lvl 45 acc and btw also its teambb so pm if ur interested about
    the acc and about le bot

  21. Can Lebot be used on an ipad?

  22. how to get hex blade????

  23. you get it by doing nulgath larvea quest from the mini nulgath (larvea) pet
    as a drop it took me about 2 days of farming to get it. :/

  24. waht is tha suonds

  25. why cant u talk u know i could hear u

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