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Posted by on Oct 21, 2013 in Le Bot Download | 25 comments

=AQW= Le Bot 8.5 (mediafire Download)

Download the File here now. And please please please fill out a short quick survey, so we can bring on more awesome downloads. Share on Facebook and Twitter also!



  1. why wont it let me turn in a quest i got from the list?

  2. like me video plisssssss

  3. Invaled :\

  4. Donwload

  5. Lol, bouth links error…

  6. ???

  7. lukas idk -_-

  8. Download ? link failed

  9. 8.5? It’s been 3 months since you uploaded the vid, and only 7.6 is out. Just wtf.

  10. Lol you used some of my Cashfly links for your downloads… they don’t even work anymore (there are surveys) :P


  12. h t tp :// epic free prizes. com /? ref =196 975 7 remove the space in the link free mem no scam just required username plz try before u hate

  13. le bot 7.6 wahahaha not le bot 8.5 :) joke

  14. what’s the song?

  15. Come on boy, This not kind 8.5, This bot link is 7.6

  16. hey Sir can we Meet up in AQW? =3

  17. ikr -__-

  18. Which Song is It??./

  19. which one is that song ?? @_@

  20. sya add me in fb Muanthang Zou

  21. coment you like me video?

  22. thanks

  23. the passanger: let her go :D have fun

  24. AE delleted it..

  25. All files was removed for violation D;

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