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Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 in AdventureQuest Worlds | 25 comments

How to setup HiddenProject files AQW

Download the File here now. And please please please fill out a short quick survey, so we can bring on more awesome downloads. Share on Facebook and Twitter also!



  1. You sound really really sad you know .. xo

  2. Well, I wasn’t. But the question is.. did it work for you?

  3. good video thanks -D3monKing

  4. …. now to press subscribe and like

  5. I get Error on line 154 in file C:\Xampp\htdocs\classes\class.content.php
    Please notify the server administrator or webmaster: :/

  6. ya that probelm can happen just make sure ur coding is right in the

  7. Ha! D3monKing didn’t make it.. I did.. (Name: Cannibal) XD

  8. Lawl XD

  9. yo cannibal bro when we gonna play your like nvr on -D3monKing

  10. and its me d3monking i wasnt saying i made it

  11. K :)

  12. I’ll turn it on at some point. I’m just really busy.

  13. Hmm.. I don’t know sorry :)

  14. hey,reulpoad.

  15. it’s a error you need a picture named what you named the author.

  16. reupload the files plizzzz

  17. links dont work

  18. reupload to private link please…so AE cant block the file

  19. i have hidden project files that work but artix banned them off all

  20. I signed up on your channel, please make a new video with the imported
    files HiddenProject please T,T

  21. enjoy and clicked on your video!

  22. Loser no link and its error

  23. re-upload the HiddenProject SFS And HiddenProject Files??

  24. Dude psl use 4shared so that Artix can’t take it down

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